The Heartbeat and Purpose Behind Journey Tree


Welcome to Journey Tree, a place for you to honestly share your experiences and struggles on your journey to motherhood. Please know that you’re not alone, whether you’re struggling with infertility, multiple miscarriages, infant loss, adoption, fostering and even being pregnant and becoming a new mom.

Like many of you, I’ve walked a difficult path to become a mother. For two agonizing years, my husband and I struggled to realize our lifelong dream of starting a family. We faced the painful possibility that we might never have children. We visited specialist after specialist, travelling long distances to undergo seemingly endless exams. After many heartbreaking months of trying to have a baby naturally, we decided to try in vitro fertilization.

During this tough time, my best friend gave me a special gift: a beautiful rose quartz crystal. With it, she included a note about the stone’s significance. It was to help heal my heart, provide me with patience, and re-discover love for myself. The crystal became a positive physical and spiritual reminder that there was a bigger picture, even if I didn’t have the strength to see it yet.

On February 12, 2017 we were blessed with identical twin boys. Our hearts overflowed with joy! But, both pregnancy and new motherhood came with their own sets of challenges and concerns. I was lucky to have a great husband and friends to help me through these new (and sometimes painful) experiences.

This is why I created Journey Tree: to show women like you that there is a support network out there, no matter what you may be facing.  Our mission is for each wearer to be able to represent their individual journey showing them how strong they are and to also wear in in support of others on their various journeys.Each bracelet is lovingly made with specific stones to help with your struggle:

Infertility (Rose Quartz)

Adoption, Surrogate Mothers, and Foster Parenting (Black Onyx)

Miscarriage and Infant Loss (Amethyst)

Pregnancy (Turquoise)

New Moms (Moonstone & Black Tourmaline)

Mother of all Mothers (White Agate)

Mood Disorders (past & present) (Flourite)

Parent of Child with Different Ability, Health Concern and/or that was Born Prematurely (Lapis Lazuli)

Support and Awareness (adult and child sizes available)

Father of all Fathers (Matte Black Onyx and Matte Grey Leopard Jasper)

I encourage you to join our Facebook group Journey Tree where you will be kept up to date on everything Journey Tree from product information, monthly feature stories and more. You are also invited to join the Journey Tree Community on Facebook here, you can connect with other women and have a safe space to discuss your triumphs and tragedies. Even though our struggles may be different, we are in this together.

My hope is to not just provide you with a physical piece of jewelry but also a spiritual gift of healing. When you wear your bracelet, know that the stones are doing all they can to help you. If you see another woman wearing a bracelet like yours, smile at her. Understand that you both belong to a loving, supportive group of women who genuinely care. You are never alone. <3


Alicia Michetti - Creative Soul behind Journey Tree